Bmw f10 m performance

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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a cope 03 March 2018

what kind of glue did you use to mount front lip spoiler?

Bryan Chow 06 March 2018

i whatsapp u guys but no reply :(

Min Kim 09 March 2018

Man. That s a rough way to pop out the side mirror cover. M5 logo for v4 f10. That s a huge upgrade

Andy's Video Log 12 March 2018

.Why? if you want an M car just save a little more and buy one. The F10 is a beautiful car the way it is. I guess to each their own.

M5Fanatic 18 March 2018

Probably spent like $10k on these carbon fiber pieces

Michal Kordik 24 March 2018

this work is very great. But I need this melody name, thx

Jordan Le 29 March 2018

What kind of liquid did u guys apply before putting the part on? I saw u guys used the brush to apply it on the surface before putting carvob parts on. Was it some kind of adhesive instead of using 3m tape?

Shaan Patel 05 April 2018

When you want an M5 but that price tag is a little 😬

Corey Francis 08 April 2018

OMG Guys I need this done to my F10 535 I have the same color. where are yall located?

james tee 12 April 2018

Getting mine this year. will drop ur shop

taariq naushad 15 April 2018

How much did it cost for everything.

Jafa Cakes 18 April 2018

After this was done he went to the mall. and everything was stolen. lol

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