Bugatti gran turismo цена

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  • Дата публикации: 12 January 2018
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В этом видео: продажа.


K Digiacomo 13 January 2018

Can t believe that guy put his hand in the wheel like that.

paul t 16 January 2018

kicked that guy out of that car.he does not know how to drive.he is scared shitless

7phoenician7 22 January 2018

who cares who made the purchase, I just love looking at this!

Raynald Chatillon 28 January 2018

How much is a new clutch for one of these?

Blue Rue 03 February 2018

the guy driving should have gotten out! I was waiting for anyone to go over and start pushing.

Carlos Rivas 04 February 2018

Help stop hunger kids around the world please. He won t even drive this car.

Mitchell Lee 07 February 2018

what is they point having 1500hrpw can t drive always on towl truck. WTF.

FOWST 13 February 2018

these are questions completely irrelevant to me.

Mark Akin 14 February 2018

What is the effing problem here?

DarkSagan 16 February 2018

I would have all been nervous as fuck too.

John Fitzgerald 22 February 2018

The driver had it in the wrong gear. And with those type of tires on that slippery platform wasnt helping any either. He should ve started out with some torque on the engine. Let it roll back far enough then give a lil petro that gets it up over the divider.

Eduardo Castaneda 27 February 2018

Humans are so idolatrous, its a piece of metal/aluminum that will be replaced by something more epic in the years to come. Sadly there is no need in the world (sarcasm) so its better to just blow it off on a vehicle just because you can.

GWAILIN 06 March 2018

The driver can never get out. He comes with the car

Forrest Weaver 13 March 2018

I m sorry, but that is one God-awfully butt ugly POS

No Think 14 March 2018

just a concept car that run 20mph and worth as expensive as it got:)

Noah Holmes 15 March 2018

what s the point of having a 1500 horsepower car if u can only drive it at low speeds?

عبدالله آل شيخ 20 March 2018

His name is prince Bader Al-Saud king s grandson

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