Шевроле камаро 1967 года

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  • Дата публикации: 08 April 2018
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Oldschoolhiphop 08 April 2018

That camaro at 2:12 is wicked when he started it up it distorted the sound. Its a slayer.

cody beer 11 April 2018

@ 612 thats a STREET CAR BIG CHEIF

Sorb 14 April 2018

My dad has the 1967 Camaro. Not sure if it is super sport.

Don Mcintosh 17 April 2018

❤️🇺🇸 Camaro = A small aggressive animal with an appetite for mustangs‼️✌🏻

Let it be known, 24 April 2018

Better tame that beast lol black camaro with a blower he hit the curb and said she gotto go back into the cage. lol

Jef Rey 26 April 2018

Those Black camaro mods make it look gay as fuck! Why hack it from it perfect original body?

Foxboi7 29 April 2018

the first car is the 1969 model, not the 1967

Lorenzo Garza 05 May 2018

Those Mushtanks are very nice looking, for garden planters that is

Wolf Pack 09 May 2018

but do one of each have the orginal transmission and engine?

Tj Stewart 12 May 2018

That first camaro was a 69 not a 67

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