Daewoo agc 1220rf a

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Ichigo6543 09 May 2018

Hey, could you show how did you connect the steering buttons to the radio? :)

Mihai Buznea 15 May 2018

Hey, Do you have any schematic for connecting the steering wheel radio controls to the AGC1220? Can you please share it?

Norbert Máté 21 May 2018

Szia. Ez a rádió alapból működik a kormányvezérlővel, vagy kell valami adapter közé?

Anton Danilchenko 22 May 2018

Could you share this scheme? please.

Anton Danilchenko 25 May 2018

please tell me, do you have a connection diagram of the steering column of buttons to this head unit?

Marwan EL Attar 01 June 2018

hey there, I have this audio system & I would like to fit it into my megane 2, will I use any canbus cables or just plug & play?

Tropic74 06 June 2018

How did you wired the stalk to the radio? Did you buy a canbus adaptor?

Tropic74 11 June 2018

Where did you get the frame for the Xperia? Thanks in advance. Very nice setup!

morar daniel 15 June 2018

hello i bought the same radio for my megane 2.and i have 2 questions. 1. with what did you connect the steering buttons to the radio, 2 where did you find the frame for the radio.is it standard?

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