1684 ошибка додж неон

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Ue Sturdevant 03 March 2018

I have a 2001 pt cruiser and I got a P1684 code, anybody know what it means?

Eduardo Molina 06 March 2018

You just disconnected the Battery, nothing wrong with you car after 50 restart will be clear

Paul Palumbo Jr 08 March 2018

The P1684 code simply means that the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts. Check your connections.

Gizmo EE 10 March 2018

Did you get it fix what was it I have that on my caravan

Bob Washere 16 March 2018

Battery is on the way out, poor terminal connection

William Burtz 17 March 2018

leak detector valve near the gas tank about a hundred and $30

William Burtz 22 March 2018

leak detector it s near your gas tank it s about $130

William Burtz 27 March 2018

I m having the same problem for your missions it s a evap leak detector

William Burtz 02 April 2018

it s a leak detector evap near gas tank

eric soles 07 April 2018

It mean he reset his code to many times have to take the negative battery terminal off for a couple of minutes.

Anders Henricson 13 April 2018

It´s an errorcode, becuase of batterycharge has been too low/diconnected- some say it will dissapear after 50 restarts.im on my third - så 47 to go :) (Chrysler 300M - year 2001)

mrklimczyk 15 April 2018

I believe the code means that the battery has been disconnected whether for a while or disconnected too many times. It could be in some kind of shutdown mode but not sure. I hope this helps out.

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