Thrustmaster ferrari 458 spider xbox one racing wheel

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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θανασης vlogger 08 May 2018

I bought that wheel but it didn t come in The mail yet

Madmanjester 25 14 May 2018

For the price that wheel is a peice of garbage they sell some for the same price with 360 degrees rotation and force feedback. This wheel has 180 degrees and doesn t work worth a shit.

Absorbs Souls 20 May 2018

What s the settings on it so you can shift the car I have looked and looked and it won t let me shift

THUMB 21 May 2018

I just got this wheel for 99$ US on amazon online

Stephen_Playz _YT 24 May 2018

I wish I had a cockpit like that

wolfy furno 28 May 2018

Where can I buy dvd racing games or software that work with the steering wheel?

Vishnu Panwar 31 May 2018

I’ve had a major question does the TH8A shifter fit with it?

Mase31 Slay 04 June 2018

I am wanting this wheel it looks cool and sounds cool

Dean Clarke 09 June 2018

You could use a wired controller to make sure that it doesn t turn off mid game.

Justin Keffer 13 June 2018

Plug the controller into the xbox and it will stay on

Susheel 16 June 2018

What are the games it support bro does it support nfs games?

Charlie Lee 20 June 2018

The head jack is the only reason I haven t got it. I really wished they fix it. great review

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