Бугатти вейрон и ламборджини

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  • Дата публикации: 03 March 2018
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Maria Sacramento 03 March 2018

wait the the black and Orange was on the movie called need for speed

Изнаур Идрисов 06 March 2018

неееееееееет не правда ломборгини быстрее я это знаю,оьцо и цогне юьтур яцар

Vale44 Polo 11 March 2018

leave a like if you like the bugatti veron

Vale44 Polo 14 March 2018

bugatti bugatti bugatti bugatti he ll yeah

Anibal Justiz :3 17 March 2018

I bet all the lambo fans were all like “yes!” In the beginning and then suddenly u just see the Veyron lave it in the dust 😂

Nanami- Chan 18 March 2018

Bugatti is a warrior car fast. and Lamborghini is a cool looking car tho.

Indigo Eight 23 March 2018

Lambo is still for the Race Track. Compare these cars with some curves.

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