Mercedes benz sl 55 amg цена

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Vincent Fell 08 May 2018

sport leight haha sport luxery my friend

Tardeli costantini 15 May 2018

Those wheels don t suit the car fella.

Keith Davis 19 May 2018

Man I just bought a 2006 Bmw 650i convertible for $7500! And it’s practically still brand new, found it on

Mario Mena 23 May 2018

Didn’t realize it was an hour long lol got a lot of info about one of these tho thanks for the great ramble 🤓

Bv AutoT 30 May 2018

I still have 6 months with my lease, I probably go hunting for something like that, an old AMG!

esmerilemela1 01 June 2018

One more native mexican trying to be a gringo this idiot make me laugh

slapa dabass 08 June 2018

Hey Tavares’s, I never comment on videos, but this is by far, the best, comprehensive car review I have ever seen. I’m speechless

Samsonian Pitydafool 14 June 2018

So ru a big VinWiki fan? I sub’d a couple months ago and it just keeps getting better!

david c 19 June 2018

I hate this Mercedes era with this ugly round lights.

vdochev 20 June 2018

The volume controls look like my dad s 1999 E-Klasse W210, LOL! Kind of out of place for this car, but a nice throwback :)

Dave Houston 26 June 2018

People actually buy Mercedes? Lease and change every 2 years. Tumbot.

Daivd Wang 28 June 2018

Hi Tavarish, you did a great job, I think you are better than the most of car reviewer on youtube lol

Morten Berg 05 July 2018

After talking for 45 minutes you finally try your new car? You are a special breed my friend 😂😂😂

Jesse W 08 July 2018

Nice car. You say hand built like it means something. What makes a hand built engine better? I mean, personally I d rather have the precision of a robot built engine. Maybe that s just me.

kevin auman 13 July 2018

Your brake light issue may be due to it sitting a bit and accumulating rust on the rotors and could go away after being driven same issue when I bought my 05 e46 bmw 325i

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