Мерседес gla amg цена

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carwow 08 May 2018

Save an extra £2,000 on a Mercedes GLA with Mercedes‘ scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

bienio11 12 May 2018

Next Friday I will pick my first Mercedes-Benz’s I go for GLA 220 AMG Line 4matic can’t wait!

משה מזור 15 May 2018

רק חבל שהמכונית לא מתורגמת לשפה העברית כמו בכול העולם

Ashkip 20 May 2018

Could you recommend a mercedes benz under 25,000 that can fit a big dog in the back

AZ Duke 24 May 2018

I m a simple man. I see Radiohead, I subscribe.

Pauline Halim 26 May 2018

A Mercedes-Benz video with a Porsche ad lol

R A 31 May 2018

Saw one beside an first gen 308, and the 308 is taller? Even tho its closer to the ground. Its very goodlooking tho, but hate the oldish interior and the androidtablet glued on. I’d rather pick a xc40.

john b 02 June 2018

Mercedes must have the longest rear badge names ever. What if you got the diesel with 4WD and AMG pack? Would it spell GLA 220 BlueEfficiency AMG 4MATIC?

Miki Tereszko 05 June 2018

I wish the A class existed in Canada 😒

MrArchie800 07 June 2018

We really need info on reliability and how good the dealer network might treat you in the event of a problem (Mercedes score VERY low in that regard), which should be a big factor in how good the car scores as compared to its rivals. Thanks – great review otherwise -)

Christopher Nicol 09 June 2018

Far better off mechanically and stylistically with an Infiniti QX30. Why is Carwow so in hawk to the Germans?

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