2007 9 3 saab

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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Andy Granados 11 May 2018

What spring height for front and rear?

xBall99 17 May 2018

Where ar you? toronto? lets meet!

Jon Stevens 23 May 2018

Did you put the shift knob on? Looking for one to fit the reverse lockout.

Peter Neal 24 May 2018

I like the way you narrate this video. I m about to inherit an 06 SportCombi Aero. My friend has been subtly trash talking it, I assume he s just done a google image search and stopped when he saw it glorious wagon-y goodness. Can t wait to chop him on grocery runs.

wei huang 26 May 2018

You are going to be Mr. Regular challenger!

Mazda RX-7 King 01 June 2018

Saabs are great and reliable cars. Surprised you managed to find such a nice looking one, in such good condition.

DQ Hero 08 June 2018

Imagine that car with a hood scoop.that would be so sexy!

Silver hood 15 June 2018

Hard to find those cars nowadays, how long ago did you get it?

Johnny Iorga 18 June 2018

Nice video. Love the editing. what do you use to edit?

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