Titan motorsport toyota supra

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:09:08


KelvinShiFTZ 08 May 2018

Oh thats why people like these cars

Bryan Casella 11 May 2018

I just bought one that s exactly the same. 97 DJG with Beige interior. Super excited!

boi 15 May 2018

they stopped producing them in 98

Jay Denton 18 May 2018

When you own a supra now your just working to get her their )

andre champagnie 22 May 2018

I really need to buy one PLEASE! share the link

DezzysSpeedShop 28 May 2018

2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ was the last year of the supra

A Blank Canvas 01 June 2018

the little details make this car look crazy.

Bart van Buuren 07 June 2018

2:34 he mentioned lag, this is not lag this is boost treshhold because the engine is not making enough exhaust fumes to properly spin up the turbo at low rpms

Jonathan Vonja 12 June 2018

Could anybody tell me what BOV that is?

Jesus. 15 June 2018

As supra guy i believe the point of having a 2jz is a twin turbo. Huh I m like you could reach 700hp with the sequantial and don t have that much lag pointless. That would do on a 7m

Lucas Cruz 17 June 2018

A green Supra. Perfect! When I was 15 years old this Supra was it. Fuck lambos, to hell with Ferrari. From 91- 2000, this car was every kids wet dream. The single most quintessential and legendary car of the 90s. Even before the dumb movie with an ugly orange one with silly graphics.

SALTY DATTO 21 June 2018

ME: Ohh YES Titan Motorsport Supra vid! Hear Dubstep background music Look at the year of post >2012. Oh Dubstep, how I don t fucking miss you.

Turner9090 27 June 2018

I love the sound of the 2j best sounding 6 cylinder ever in my opinion

Babambo Atata 03 July 2018

Fatso mentions f&f, I quit watching.

HydroBandit 08 July 2018

Sounds like a 350z. Sounds exactly like NFS UG2

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