Тойота хайс супер кастом

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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  • Длительность: 01:01:06


aileen hernandez 09 May 2018

I was really happy wen he told me that il have his 1990 toyota super custom

Frederick Hugo 11 May 2018

We re going to drag race this Celica. with the air conditioning on.

John Gower 17 May 2018

hey do you know how to change front indicator bulb

Asad Ullah 21 May 2018

wawooo i ws jst love this one unique piece im toyota 90 lovers all model

Francisco Tapia 25 May 2018

Hey man were u @? How can i contact you?

Christian O'Brien 30 May 2018

You have the most amazing vehicles. Great taste my friend. I will come to see you next time I m in the area

Emanuel Reyes 01 June 2018

It is a beauty. I have the 1994 model, but is not deluxe model, anyway, I do not change it.

Kritesh Nadan 02 June 2018

I hey your video you have to use express shipping

Cris Tantoy 06 June 2018

The way you restore classic Cars is insane men. Keep up the good work! if I had the chance to visit your shop and I will. Viewer from the Philippines

Saqib Javid 09 June 2018

if you come to Pakistan look at the s ther they love them to bits

Wolfie 13 June 2018

I thought the thumbnail was wrong

oldsklteg 17 June 2018

Personal experience you dont want to be in a crash in one of these. especially in the front

Yassine Saïdi 22 June 2018

Dang, looks like we found the ultimate quality cruise machine. Too bad those minivans were never imported to France.

Janaki Aaa 28 June 2018

how did your price in the van Toyota hiase.

Sohaib Afzal 02 July 2018

engine bay not included in this more than 1 hour movie

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