R line volkswagen passat

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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rman7778 11 May 2018

I have this same car and it s absolutely wonderful. German engineering is the best. On the highway this car moves!

Hawk Girl 17 May 2018

That interior color is so ugly. Beautiful car though

heyitsme 21 May 2018

that is a very good looking Passat

Robby M 23 May 2018

Anyone know if this has the LED license plate light even if you don’t get the light package?

Vang Thao 28 May 2018

Will the 2017 r-line have a good valves after 3 year?

Utooob76 03 June 2018

Too bad VW doesnt offer free nav sd card map updates (like most everyother car maker) sheesh

Siper2 07 June 2018

You re from my neck of the woods! Always fun to find vloggers from the area. :-)

JohnbDBZ 13 June 2018

Nice but I ll stick to my Jetta GLI

bigkop3 17 June 2018

I went and test drove the 2017 R-Line after this review and I bought one. Great review, great car

Dea Garic 21 June 2018

I m surprised start/stop ignition isn t standard on the 2017, how strange.

Vik VVR 26 June 2018

guys, you need to look on europian version of this car. way better looking! It is kinda sucks we do not have it here in US

Mick Taylor 01 July 2018

I doubt if premium fuel would be noticeable and a waste of money since the engine is not designed for premium.

Joseph Donnelly 05 July 2018

I m surprised the r line doesn t have a dsg as an option

Mr A 12 July 2018

i just baught a 17 r line with lighting package. german engenering is my favorite. great value.

KoKo Bunnyy 15 July 2018

I absolutely love this car.it rides extremely well and turbo boost is awesome.so sophisticated

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