Volvo fh fm fl fe f

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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praco Praco 02 March 2018

volvo fl looks like the daf lf amd the reanult truck.

Marc Bartaire 06 March 2018

un très bon camion. 😆 manque juste une suspension de cabine quatre point, pour un très bon confort. Malheureusement pour moi son plus gros défaut

Srinivasa Nandiraju 11 March 2018

Volvo Trucks should also build small trucks like the F150 and F350. They will become super successful.

Valentino Da Ephoel 13 March 2018

Yeah VolvoAndScania the best on the worl

PlasticAcaria 14 March 2018

it look like a renault that have been moded.

Stoner Life 16 March 2018

Anybody else see the vampire that looked like Count Dracula?

Aaron Guenther 22 March 2018

Volvo Very Best Trucks in the World.comfortable. quiet. good on Fuel.Durable.

Maulana Fikri Ramadhan 25 March 2018

suitable for the streets of the capital if the narrow streets, the Volvo FE is everything

Kert Tamm 27 March 2018

One thing I don t really like about new trucks is that the interior isn t cozy enough to feel homely. It s okay for trucks that are used for inner city jobs etc. but everything looks so clinical, like a dentist s office.

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