Вольво в 90 универсал 2016

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Soumak Nandi 09 May 2018

1.1 million views, 26 dislikes. Ha! Bet they re all the competitors quaking in their boots! Hats off Volvo! I m in Love!

jakovd 14 May 2018

have an alternative audio experience: mute this video open this in another window and start playing it: on the first beat click here: 0:01 Enjoy )


1365 LIKES / 16 DISLIKES! There u go! Volvo, the Best! Congrats!

Noobiele 21 May 2018

New volvos are so stylish! Even the commercials stand out. 5 years ago it lookd like volvo are going to share the fate of saab and perish, and now they are top notch. Now thats an achievement.

John Green 24 May 2018

I almost strted cry! Exellent car!

Peter Lim 29 May 2018

Being in the US, we don t get many options for wagons, I ve always been an Audi Avant or Allroad fan, this CC is making me seriously consider switching. Great job, Volvo! At this price point, it seems to be a much better option than the 2017 Allroad. Can t wait to see it at the dealership.


WOW WOW WOW! How Volvo has changed so Much from the last years! Design, style, quality, technology! Your cars are getting a Masterpiece of the best human can create! Congrats to all your efforts! Keep doing the great job guys! )

Polina Underwood 09 June 2018

Hello! Please, how do you know the name of the girl from the beginning of this video?

Bintang Herdian Jatmiko 12 June 2018

The Legend V90 is Back, Man I saw volvo V90 often in hollywood movie as a family car, I Bet the new V90 will shock the family car market.

J A S P E R 16 June 2018

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Phalanx 20 June 2018

This is so beautiful. The best Volvo commercial to date

مجنون سيارات 25 June 2018

hello volvo please answer my question Why is not there an agent for Volvo Cars in Saudi Arabia😢 i looove volvo cars especiall (V90)😍

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